May 29, 2024

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8 business ideas you can actually make money from

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The pandemic saw countless people across the UK start up a ‘side hustle’ to earn a little extra on the side.

Over the last 12 months, we’ve seen a massive increase in people choosing to start up an additional business venture to run alongside their day-to-day jobs.

Having a side hustle can really make the world of difference to your finances, whether you use the extra cash to pay off some debt or boost your savings.

Financial experts at OnlineMoneyAdvisor have put together some of the top money-making side hustles you could try to make some money from.

Create a baking business

We all got our Mary Berry on during lockdown, so why not sell the baked goods you love to make and have that extra bit of cash going into your pocket from it. Loads of people are creating Instagram accounts to kick-start their baking business and to show off their skills, so social media is definitely a great place to start.

Become a tutor

School pupils have missed a huge chunk of teaching thanks to the pandemic and teachers are focused on getting them back up to speed as quickly as possible. If you have any A levels or a degree in a subject taught at primary or secondary school level, you could be a saving grace for those struggling to catch up.

Get a weekend job

The hospitality industry is crying out for staff at the moment, particularly now the Government has allowed people to get back to pubs and restaurants. If you’re strapped for cash or perhaps you have something you want to save for, getting a weekend job in hospitality is a great way to earn that extra bit of income.

Create an Etsy store

So many people have become more conscious about where they buy from and are opting to shop from small businesses. Etsy is the hub for all kinds of small businesses to sell from, whether you personalise items or even create your own home décor products, Etsy is the perfect place to allow your side hustle to flourish.

Sign up to OnlyFans

Although OnlyFans does have some stigma surrounding it, you can actually use the platform for just about anything. Perhaps you’re a fitness fanatic with some great tips or a keen gardener wanting to share your knowledge, OnlyFans can be that platform to share it all on and make money in the process.

Become a freelance designer

Countless business go through re-designs each year, so if you’re a graphic design whiz, it might be worth setting up some professional portfolios across social media to build your own brand. Business are looking to avoid the sky-high costs of bigger agencies and are happy to support a small designer.

Rent out a room

With travel being so restricted still, hundreds of people are wanting to make the most of the UK to host their holiday this year. If you have a great space in a city centre or even along the coast, you could make a lot of money by renting out a spare room or even your entire home for a short while.

Offer your services as a dog walker

Now that some people are beginning to make the move back into the office, there will be plenty of people struggling to find time to give their dog as much attention as they did over lockdown. If you’re an animal lover and have a bit of spare time in the evenings or on weekends, there’s nothing stopping you from reaching out to people you know that have dogs and seeing if they need an extra helping hand. | Newsphere by AF themes.