September 30, 2023

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‘Cyberpunk 2077’ Is Advertising A ‘New Update’ That Doesn’t Appear To Exist

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Cyberpunk 2077 has spooled up a new internet marketing campaign as of late. Instagram tale ads, Fb adverts, YouTube pre-rolls. All of which are promotion possibly a “new update” or one I saw was one thing like “its most significant update yet.”

The trouble? I have no concept what they’re conversing about.

The phrasing of these advertisements are not about a long term update coming, they’re plastered with huge “Available Now” branding:

Enthusiasts have been perplexed by this to the issue that they imagine perhaps the advert campaign went are living early by accident, and this was supposed to be advertising the no cost DLC update which is still not right here (nor does it even have a preview or launch day but).

But no, I never imagine this is what is occurring, and I imagine CDPR is just seeking to spin its assortment of hotfixes and patches as the “new update” being detailed right here.

Of course what’s not currently being mentioned is that the purpose of 99% of all these earlier patches has been to deal with broken features of the match, either weak general performance on console in certain, or bugs that have been development blockers or glitches throughout a massive wide range of quests.

There have only been a very small, little handful of alterations to the activity that could be regarded as good quality of lifestyle advancements, and zero that I would look at new written content. Police now spawn further absent in its place of proper on prime of you. Auto invest in icons now appear as automobiles, not quest icons. Shopping for garments and blueprints is now a little bit improved. And…honestly, I think that is it.

The “biggest update ever” for Cyberpunk was the 1.2 update, which experienced hundreds upon hundreds of bug fixes, in addition to a number of of the previously mentioned adjust. But that was introduced about three months back at the end of March. The latest patch, 1.23, highlighted just smaller handful of bug fixes and performance advancements, and arrived soon prior to the sport acquired back on the PlayStation shop immediately after remaining banned for six months. But there genuinely has been no “new update” that these ads are referencing, past the collection of patches and fixes to get the match in doing the job buy.

My finest guess for what is occurring below is that this is CDPR’s promoting staff hoping to spin some way to say “come play Cyberpunk 2077 simply because it’s generally set now” without having saying that outright. So alternatively they are advertising and marketing some kind of vague “update” with no specifics, that is a blend of about 8 updates that are virtually fully bug and overall performance fixes.

It is really unusual, but absolutely nothing about Cyberpunk’s launch has been regular, I suppose. There need to be a very important update once free DLC does in actuality start off rolling out, but which is not what this is. And what this is, is very peculiar. I have questioned CDPR to make clear what they’re chatting about with this campaign, and I will update if I listen to back again.

Update: This was a response from the formal Cyberpunk Twitter earlier nowadays about the marketing campaign:

They say we “ran” but I was viewing it as just lately as yesterday and it seems ongoing. Again, Patch 1.2 unveiled in March, and it seems this was just a “reminder” of the fixes there and also the game staying again on the PlayStation shop, without the need of saying that outright.

Update 2: Heard back from CDPR immediately and their response was word for phrase, this correct tweet.

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