June 13, 2024

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Legendary Cowboy Heart will make new dwelling in Pensacola

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Spherical up your horses, Pensacola. There is a new cowboy in town.

A Cowboy Centre, to be correct.

And despite the fact that this organization is new to Pensacola, the Cowboy Middle is just about anything but. It’s a tale that usually takes us back again to 1959, when Cookie Haviland’s mom and dad, Carlos and Melisa Campos, walked into a retail store in Miami to purchase a saddle.

“My grandmother bought my brother and I a horse,” Haviland said in a 2015 interview for the Miami Herald. “My mother and father went within a very little retail store to get some horse equipment and walked out proudly owning it.”

And there it stood, for extra than 60 yrs, at the intersection of Northwest 79th Avenue and 32nd Avenue, serving as a staple for equestrian communities and lovers alike.

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