April 16, 2024

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MarketInk: San Diego Advertising Jingle Genius Glenn Erath Begins 40th Year in Branding

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Glenn Erath dressed as a cockroach for Corky’s Pest Control. Image from video

Glenn Erath, San Diego’s best-known writer of advertising jingles, has marked the beginning of his 40th year of creating memorable branding campaigns. “And I’m only 112 years old,” said the 64-year-old funnyman.

Erath is the guitar-playing composer of quirky rhythmic ditties featuring an advertiser’s phone numbers that consumers can easily memorize.

His clients over the past four decades have included Corky’s Pest Control (“call 1-800-901-1102/We’re here for you”) and ASI Hastings (“1-800-481-COOL/ the White Glove Guys”), as well as Campland On The Bay (“Bring your doggie or your kitty/ The sunsets are so pretty”) and J&W Lumber (“You want decking, I do, too/Let’s go to J-and-W”). He said upcoming campaigns will feature Cash Call Mortgage and Dan Beer Real Estate.

“The goal is a catchy tune, a clever line, getting stuck in a listener’s mind,” Erath told Times of San Diego. “The key is to keep it simple and clever, not too complicated, and get the message across quickly. If a 7-year-old can walk away singing it, then you’ve got a winner.”

Erath admits he probably won’t be the next pop artist to sell a million albums. “Instead, the sweetest music to my ears is the sound of cash registers ringing for my clients,” he said.

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