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Some folks in no way quit actively playing in the filth.

Digging can be hot, dusty, monotonous and filthy.

And a complete ton of pleasurable, even if the only souvenirs individuals acquire house are grimy fingernails and a thick coating of dust and sweat that would prompt any mom to stand at the front doorway and exclaim “Not in my dwelling!”

Exciting is the total issue, according to Gina Clary, owner of Diamond Hill Mine.

Just to clear up any misconceptions: No diamonds have been located at Diamond Hill Mine. Clary mentioned the title arose in the 1800s when people noticed minerals sparkling in the sunshine right after rain fell.

What Diamond Hill does have is skeletal quartz, garnets, amethysts and aquamarines, she mentioned. The internet site is part of the Antreville Shear Zone that runs from North Carolina to Ga, she said. The consequence is two veins of minerals operating by the location.

People come from quite a few spots, Clary mentioned. The mine has experienced visitors from all 50 states, and people today from England, Germany, Australia and Japan.

To come across gems, folks have to get down and soiled. It is not a hobby for the fastidious. For the duration of modern visits, diggers could be observed kneeling, squatting and sitting on small hills of grime, digging with their palms, shovels and rakes, and analyzing tiny clods of dust that may possibly contain an interesting stone.

A lot of men and women take a look at the mine right after observing exhibits about gem mining, Clary explained.

That was the case with Chad Monroe of Greer, who visited the web site not too long ago with his two sons. A recently minted rock hound, Monroe explained he had viewed YouTube movies that includes “The Crystal Collector.” 1 of several demonstrates targeted on Diamond Hill Mine.

“My children like to glimpse for rocks, so I figured it would be a excellent place to visit,” he claimed. It gets all people out of the residence and absent from the phone.

His sons wandered around, often pecking at modest hills of grime. Monroe, nonetheless, went to perform with a hand shovel and a little 3-pronged rake, clearing out a gap he could practically match into. His perseverance compensated off. He displayed a small specimen of terminated level quartz.

“The very best section is it is an experience you see what you can get,” Monroe explained. It is really worth the one particular-hour trip.

That assertion may well carry a smile to Clary’s experience. That’s the detail about rock hounds, she stated. “It’s about pulling out rocks no one has witnessed or touched. It is model new and as previous as time.”

Clary has owned the mine considering the fact that 2010. She has a qualifications in the tourism marketplace, like booking musical functions, and has been a rock hound due to the fact her youth. Clary claimed she figured out of Diamond Hill Mine although attending a present. She frequented the site and participated in equipment digging operations.

“It’s a fantastic factor I did not know about the place when I was a university student I would have been below just about every working day,” she explained.

When the earlier proprietor preferred to provide the house, he did so with a single caveat: that Clary would continue to keep the mine open up to the public.

She has followed that would like, with the mine open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. day by day, which include main holidays.

Her goal is to continue to keep the working experience as organic as probable. Diamond Hill Mine is not a tourist lure. It has no air-conditioned shelters. Picnic tables underneath the trees are the food stations, assuming website visitors convey their have food and h2o (which is strongly suggested, primarily in the summer season), and Port-O-Lets and an outhouse are the only amenities.

Diamond Hill does not market buckets of dust and has no flumes in which individuals can independent filth and grime from stones. Persons should really convey their have instruments, these types of as shovels, rakes, hoes, very long screwdrivers and buckets. No energy equipment is allowed, nor are methods that use water to blast away filth from the hills. Clary mentioned these kinds of programs are not environmentally pleasant. Achievements is obtained via sweat.

It is all about piquing people’s fascination, primarily small children, she stated.

A few busloads of youths from Belton-Honea Route Higher College made for a great deal of “piquing.” Students in earth sciences courses explored the mine as an different to final exams, which ended up canceled due to the fact of COVID-19, in accordance to teacher Craig Joyner.

“Instead, we experienced time to do a little something to get your hands filthy they are acquiring extremely dirty, but I assume the pupils are thrilled. They operate to uncover me each time they uncover a little something,” he claimed, while displaying off a garnet, a soiled stone with red factors.

Joyner appeared to shell out as a great deal time evaluating finds presented by students as he did digging. In just one scenario, a student brought a two-hand-sized mass of stone located by anyone in a different team.

Joyner went into whole teacher method, declared it probably was a geode, and then offered a transient description of a geode, what it is and how it kinds.

Just after the group walked away with its find, Joyner admitted he is not an professional he just is aware marginally extra than the group.

“I assume it’s great that we have the option to get the youngsters outside in this mad year, and go mask free of charge that is variety of wonderful,” he reported.

Most pupils had been interested in amethysts. Joyner reported he was fascinated in changeover zones where mica and aquamarine are current and a individual can see the phases in in between.

Desire in amethysts wouldn’t shock Clary. They are well known stones, specially for engagement rings. She explained some diggers have despatched photographs of stones they identified that had been fashioned into rings.

Quite a few people today admitted not knowing what they were wanting for and owning no notion what they found. A single digger shouted: “Is mica worthwhile at all?”

Some others experienced a feeling of humor about the knowledge. 1 member of a Newcomers Club from Seneca stated: “This is what my assistance counselor said I’d be carrying out — breaking rocks.”

Diamond Hill Mine will get a blend of diggers, most amateurs, some experts. For some, it’s a passion. Clary admits she sees digging as one thing far more.

“People get outside the house, they get workout, they climb hills and perform as a staff,” she stated. “In my view, it is competitive activity.”

You also have to know how
to manage specimens. Clary stated a improper transfer with a hammer or chisel can flip a $20,000 specimen into pieces value a pair of hundred dollars. “We’ve had a ton of heartbreaks.”

“When you get that excellent one particular, you want to choose your time with it and get it out slowly,” she claimed. “It’s a lot of of time and a lot of perform, but a great deal of reward.”

Up to 70 motor vehicles can be accommodated at the property. Clary recalled the greatest crowd on the home was three a long time back for the solar eclipse.

Diamond Hill Mine was the excellent web site to look at the party and the residence was packed for up to a few times. Clary explained much more than 100 vehicles have been on web-site and all the camp web sites ended up total.

In more to rock hounds, the website will get a great deal of visitors from persons intrigued in metaphysics, these as crystal therapeutic and comparable beliefs.

Clary admitted not becoming a believer in this kind of items, but admitted that crystals can be a therapeutic product in the same way new music is.

Towards lunch time, quite a few picnic tables were being full of learners from Belton-Honea Route comforting and cooling off right after a number of hrs of digging. Between sips of chilly beverages and picnic lunches, some of them sang together with Johnny Dollars on “Walk the Line.”

Sophomore Brock Turner summed up the take a look at: “It’s way greater than being in the classroom.”

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