Programmatic Advertising vs Google Display Network: Which 1 Really should You Pick out?

If you’ve at any time utilised on the internet promoting, you could have read of

If you’ve at any time utilised on the internet promoting, you could have read of folks raving about programmatic promoting.

And if up until eventually now, you have been baffled about how it is distinctive from standard promoting, or you required to improved recognize programmatic promoting vs Google Screen Network, you’re in luck.

In this article, we’ll split down both Google Screen Community and Programmatic promoting, clarify their important distinctions, and consider why a person is greater than the other.

Let’s get appropriate into it:

What is Google Exhibit Network?

Though you could not notice the Google exhibit community actively, you most likely come across it every working day. Google Show Community is a system that allows advertisers to achieve their concentrate on audience while they’re using the internet – for illustration when examining email messages, browsing on an e-commerce solution, watching youtube, using social media or their cell applications.

In more simple words and phrases, the GDN can get your advertisements in front of qualified audiences across the web. It is truly a pretty potent technique that reaches above 90 p.c of world-wide-web end users and 2 million internet sites throughout the web.

The display community, having said that, is a passive tactic to advertising and marketing. It integrates your advertisements into very carefully chosen web sites, exactly where adverts become reachable to end users whilst they’re browsing, examining, or browsing.

What is Programmatic Promoting?

Programmatic advertising and marketing is a additional automatic strategy to exhibiting adverts. In programmatic promotion, there is automatic offering and acquiring of ads working with the computer software.

In easier terms, there is the use of software for purchasing and promoting ads. While, in the standard strategy, there’s a ton of handbook procedures like requesting proposals, offers, tenders, and human negotiation. Instead of all this, programmatic ads just rely on devices and algorithms to purchase and promote electronic area.

With programmatic promotion, a ton of avoidable handbook perform is taken off, and therefore, human beings have a lot more time for optimizing and bettering adverts.

How Does The Google Exhibit Network Work?

The Google Screen Network acts as an interface in between the publisher and the advertiser. Advertisers are making use of this system for selecting their concentrate on audience based mostly on curiosity, area, demographic, and other crucial criteria. Moreover, they get entire handle above advert placements, ad scheduling, and other this kind of processes in a internet site.


Ad placement can be for a certain website, a mobile application, an specific ad unit, or a precise webpage on a website. For case in point, you can use GDN to goal gals from the U.K over the age of 20 who check out pages linked to ‘skincare’.

How Does Programmatic Marketing Work?

As we mentioned previously, programmatic marketing automates the total course of action – rendering the need for manual function. There is no middleman in the type of an ad community.

If you are an advertiser, you are going to simply have to use a computer software called ‘Display-aspect platform’ to enter the audience demographic (and other segments) you want to focus on. And if you’re a publisher, you’ll use a software program known as ‘Supply-aspect platform’ to express that you’ve obtainable advert stock.

There is no will need to deliver ad placement requests, negotiate, or any handbook get the job done as these. At the time a customer enters a internet site, ad exchanges are notified about it. If the audience matches the specification of the focus on audience selected by the advertiser, you immediately enter an auction with other advertisers.


The advertiser who created the best bids gets the ad slot and their ads are revealed on the webpage. Similarly, every single advert room is bought on a real-time bidding foundation, and yet all of this took place instantly in milliseconds.

How Are GDN & Programmatic Advertising Equivalent?

Several important elements are comparable in the two these networks. For example, the idea, placement, and targeting. The two programmatic advertising and GDN are auction-based mostly bidding platforms that employ show ads for achieving a concentrate on audience.

In the same way, both these networks let marketers to access the web page and cell software placements. And at their core, both these platforms give shared primary targeting alternatives. As a result, the consumers are equipped to goal precise audiences on the basis of site matters, behaviors, demographics, and remarketing.

How Are GDN & Programmatic Advertising and marketing Distinct?

Regardless of the similarity, both GDN and programmatic promoting have distinctive variances. Each these networks have positive aspects and cons of their have. In this part, we’ll go as a result of just about every essential attribute and fully grasp the dissimilarities:

1. Programmatic Promotion vs Google Display screen Network: Advertisement Variety

If you’re questioning which of these guidance much more wide variety in conditions of ad sorts, know that both equally GDN and programmatic advertising assistance all important advertisement creatives – such as the video clips, images, prosperous-media advertisements, and HTML5.

However, when it will come to wealthy-media ads Google Display Network lags powering. A massive number of GDN publishers don’t guidance this know-how on their web-sites. On the other hand, DSPs are excellent at displaying wealthy-media adverts.

Considering how rich-media advertisements are gaining acceptance as a super interactive advert format, you might want to decide for programmatic advertising and marketing.

2. Programmatic Advertisements vs GDN: Arrive at

You could have regarded this – the Google Show Network has a massive viewers base. The software provides obtain to a broad quantity of internet websites that have partnered with Google. This quantities to almost 70% of the websites on the net.

However, this quantity is however lesser than what a DSP can supply. Get ready to be wowed!

Of course, programmatic advertising and marketing program can give you accessibility to all of the GDN’s stock in addition inventories from other advert exchanges this sort of as Adscale, Rubicon undertaking, and far more. This would sum up to be around 95% of the world wide web.

Therefore, if you want to get a broader get to, there’s no question that programmatic advertising can enable that.

3. Programmatic Adverts vs GDN: Focusing on

Both of those programmatic advertisements and GDN offer good focusing on solutions. You can concentrate on your ads to audiences on the basis of keywords, matters, pursuits, and demography.

As a result of key phrase concentrating on, you can find key phrases applicable to your ad message. As a result of matter targeting, you can choose subject areas pertinent to your advertisements. Similarly, with interest and demographic targeting, you can decide on the curiosity, age, and spot of your concentrate on audience.

The only big difference in between the concentrating on method of GDN and programmatic adverts is the facts employed for focusing on. When the GDN makes use of Google research info for concentrating on people, programmatic advertisements use lots of 3rd-party agents to utilize far more in-depth knowledge.

So, in phrases of concentrating on, programmatic promoting is a tiny far more innovative than GDN.

4. Programmatic Advertisements vs GDN: Pricing

If you decide on Google Screen Community, you get several pricing choices, which includes:

  • CPC: Price is made the decision for each and every click.
  • CPM: Value is decided for just about every thousand impressions.
  • CPA: Price is tied to a distinct motion – for illustration, signing up, downloading an ebook, or seeking a free demo.

And if you select programmatic advertising and marketing, there is only one particular possibility, and i.e., CPM.

The value for each mille (CPM) is calculated applying this components:

CPM = Ad devote/Advertisement impressions x 1000.

5. Programmatic Advertisements vs GDN: Value Efficiency

Most programmatic marketing application (DSPs) involve a minimum advert paying of approx $5000 to $10000 per month – only then can it be preserved free of charge of price tag. So, if you really don’t expend that a great deal, you’ll have to fork out a minimum payment – this may differ from contract to contract.

Nonetheless, in the Google Exhibit Network, there is a rule as these types of. There is no bare minimum devote that is predicted of you. Hence, if you are just commencing out, GDN would be a far more price-helpful selection as compared to DSP. We’d suggest you to 1st attempt GDN, make some revenue, and then spend in DSP.

6. Programmatic Advertising vs Google Exhibit Community: Movie Promotion

Yet again, both of those programmatic marketing and Google Display screen Community help online video promoting. But, in GDN the video clip ads are limited to YouTube. That’s why, you have a minimal viewers to focus on.

On the other hand, programmatic promoting offers platforms other than YouTube – enabling you to arrive at far more audiences.

Which Just one Really should You Pick out?

There you have it – all the important variations in between Programmatic Advertising vs Google Display Network.

The GDN is a excellent choice for marketers who’re just starting off out and want to retain it uncomplicated. There’s no value barrier, plus it is simple to use. Also, GDN right integrates with Google Product or service Suite – enabling obtain to Push, Google Calendar, and Gmail. Moreover, you can use the device to target an viewers primarily based on their Google search heritage.

Programmatic advertising, on the other hand, presents an greater distribution scale, enabling attain to 20+ ad exchanges. So, with programmatic, you have far more handle more than creative placement, viewers targeting, and retargeting choices as perfectly. Moreover, it lets for superior targeting choices like behavioral advertising, in-keep attribution, and spot-dependent marketing.

The Base Line

Irrespective of the understanding hole and price tag, programmatic advertising and marketing is a better selection if your funds makes it possible for it. Following all, it gives you extra command, far better focusing on abilities, and a wider scale. But this does not imply GDN is terrible. If you’re on a compact finances, GDN is a super great alternate with a lower entry value.

Whichever you opt for, the crucial matter is that you have a clear eyesight, great content material, and a potent advertising strategy powering your advertising and marketing endeavours.