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The 10 Online Business Managers to Watch in 2021

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The 10 OBMs to Watch

The 10 OBMs to Watch

The 10 OBMs to Watch

New York, New York, March 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The world of online business has been booming over the past decade, to say the least. With more and more entrepreneurs taking their business to scale, there has been a huge demand for Online Business Managers. In a nutshell, an OBM synchronizes and manages the different areas of your business, while you focus your attention on growing it. According to Boost Media Agency, an online business manager is key if you’re serious about taking your own business to the next level. Each with their own unique areas of expertise, here we present the 10 online business managers to watch in 2021.

Sarah Noked (@sarahnoked)

Sarah Noked is the Founder and CEO of Sarah Noked OBM, a boutique Online Business Management Agency with a simple mission: to empower online Entrepreneurs and Online Service Providers to build thriving, profitable businesses with the help of streamlined systems, marketing automation, and a winning team.

She is a leading authority and educator, sharing valuable resources and programs that support and train online service professionals with actionable tools to leverage their skills and translate their talents into profitable and meaningful businesses. Sarah has trained thousands of aspiring Online Business Managers to transition into a role that allows them to enter this industry confidently, effectively, and successfully.

Whether it be via zoom, her website, or her social channels – her passion for helping her clients and students build the business they dream of and live life on their own terms is palpable!

Kimberley Reyes (@momondutyblog)

Kimberley Reyes is a certified Online Business Manager and Asana Pro with over a decade’s worth of experience working with digital entrepreneurs and leaders who strive to make a change and impact people’s lives through their work. She has a degree in European Studies , multiple certifications, and ongoing training with some of the top coaches and trainers in her industry. Combined with her extensive experience as a tech virtual assistant and entrepreneur, she provides support that blends human connection with strategies and systems to successfully scale a business.

With her individual approach, she makes it her business to understand her client’s vision in-depth and creates a plan with small, actionable steps that will help them make that vision come true. Kimberley also leads the client’s team through the implementation of said plan to make sure all the pieces are working as they should and get everything done within the set timeline.

Kimberley is an expert in operations management, launch strategy, and management, as well as team growth and management. Thanks to her experience as a tech VA and OBM, she’s able to provide service that makes her clients feel supported as they reach their goals with much more ease.

Aurelia Lane (@imaurelialane)

Aurelia Lane is a passion-driven, innovation-led Online Business Manager (OBM) and Systems Strategist. Armed with her Master’s in Data Analytics and her extensive experience in the corporate world, she focuses on helping female entrepreneurs get more hours, organization, and creativity out of their day. She spent half a decade leading teams in Top 100 finance firms, but now she wants to make million-dollar scaling strategies accessible to online entrepreneurs with small businesses and big dreams.

Aurelia’s passion for supporting women in business, coupled with her high-touch client experience and unmatched efficiency helps creative women stay in their ‘zone of genius’ while their business grows on autopilot. She is a result driven OBM with the practical experience, knowledge, and success stories to prove it. Aurelia’s holistic approach to clients’ businesses allows her to efficiently apply her strategies with tangible results.

Among her biggest priorities in business are personalized innovation, above-and-beyond client experience, and embracing wild ideas. In the OBM space, she is renowned for her one-on-one experience, unrivaled attention to detail, and a unique ability to bring the seemingly impossible to life through tech and systems. To learn more about Aurelia and her game-changing strategies, check out Aurelia Lane here.

Rhiannon McDonald (@rhiannon.j.mcdonald)

Rhiannon McDonald< /a> is the Systems Queen, who shows coaches and consultants how to cut through the chaos, take control of life and business, so they can scale and automate online.
Rhiannon believes your business should work for you. And she’s determined to help you find control and balance in work and life, by saying no to chasing your tail, only just keeping on top of things and procrastinating. Rhiannon’s mantra – organise, systemise, automate and simplify – is embedded in everything she does.

She’ll scoop up your unruly tech, overflowing inbox and never ending checklists and transform them into a seamless system that’s easy to manage, so you have the business you imagined.
So many business women dream of building an online business, but don’t know where to start and get overwhelmed with tech. Rhiannon is on a mission to change this with her
ultimate guide to getting your business online with ease.

Rhiannon’s education and professional experience in roles as varied as practice management, business development and systems administration means she’s your ally in business. She knows what it means to lead and manage a business, having co-founded a successful Accounting company.

As a Mum of two she understands the juggle of business and life, and is obsessed with time saving tech that keeps her home running smoothly.

Rhiannon enjoys working alongside other like minded people building a Facebook Community of women in business who are ready to overcome stress and become productive powerhouses!

Chloe Bright (@strategyxsoul)

Chloe Bright is a highly intuitive Online Business Manager who specializes in helping coaches and creatives with strategy and support so they can focus more on what they love, whether that’s coaching, working on their vision, or spending more time on themselves. She’s been described as ‘a breath of fresh air in your business’ and she helps her clients scale by providing killer launch strategies, managing projects, refining their systems, increasing their marketing efforts, and more.

As an entrepreneur herself, she’s familiar with the challenges of burnout and how detrimental it can be to one’s health. That’s why she’s passionate about helping her clients have the best of both worlds: grow their business without having to sacrifice their dream lifestyle. Chloe believes people can have it all, but it requires some help, and she’s here to provide that and to inspire people to take action that will help them bring their vision to life.

She started her business on the same day she handed in her resignation and almost 20 months later, she has a thriving business that has well and truly replaced her monthly paycheck. Chloe is proud of working with business owners who are heart led and want to have a positive impact on the world. Thanks to her strong marketing background, she has a deep understanding of how marketing strategies work and alongside her OBM services, she offers Pinterest Management and Podcast Management. To learn more about Chloe Bright and the incredible work she’s doing over at Strategy x Soul, check it out here!

Alexis Fortier (@alexismfortier)

Alexis Fortier is an Online Business Manager and Certified Director of Operations who loves helping impact-driven coaches and course creators build profitable businesses with ease while avoiding all the chaos that may come with the process. Her focus is to provide operational support and business strategy to passionate entrepreneurs who truly want to make a difference and bring value to the world. Her simple, streamlined systems allow her clients to step fully into their role as CEOs and avoid burnout on the way.

Alexis specializes in developing actionable and strategic plans through her 4-phase strategic planning process. Her ongoing and one-time services allow her to become the North Star for small businesses; she guides them to success and provides a thorough analysis of her clients’ companies to help them avoid risk, leverage opportunities, and bring their visions to life.

She provides valuable services because she welcomes struggling entrepreneurs and helps them gain clarity and confidence. Clients walk away with a prioritized plan for their upcoming month, quarter, and year, which allows them to feel a lot more secure and in control of their businesses. Alexis goes in-depth and she makes it her business to understand every area of a company and provide well-rounded, high-quality, and dedicated support.

Lauren Ujkanovic (@finantic_)

Lauren Ujkanovic is the proud founder of Finantic, a business that helps small to medium-sized business owners to regulate their finances and general operations through professional management services. Finantic allows business owners to focus on growth by providing ongoing support, giving back time to do what they love.

Lauren has extensive experience helping the middle guy, which is what allowed her to notice a gap. She learned that a considerable amount of startups mainly focus on their products or services because that is what they are passionate about. However, neglecting finances, tax obligations, and management needs from the beginning can hinder success or cause unnecessary chaos.

When she noticed this issue, she decided to provide an affordable service that will support business-owners at all stages. In her role as Online Business Manager, she helps these owners
by providing a better understanding of business financials and general management. Lauren provides a management plan that allows owners to understand where their money is coming from and where it’s going. By doing this, she helps the business grow, and she’s passionate about being a part of that process.

Meridith McCarty (@mccartyvirtualservicesllc)

Meridith McCarty is a successful Online Business Manager and the founder of McCarty Virtual Services, a one-stop business management agency for established coaches who want to outsource their business. Through her agency, she provides services that were created specifically to ease the day-to-day overwhelm for their clients so they can focus on marketing, sales and growth.

McCarty Virtual Services offers VIP days, which were created for coaches who need to hire a Virtual Assistant but lack the necessary systems that need to be in place prior to hiring. Essentially, they provide a complete blueprint to hiring a VA in just one day. They also offer monthly operational support, where a team of experts will work with clients to take over time-consuming tasks, streamline their systems, communicate with their clients, and grow their business effectively.

Meridith started her career as a virtual assistant and now that she is leading a team of experts, she’s familiar with both sides of the coin and she uses that knowledge to consult CEOs on how to focus on the revenue-generating tasks in the business and outsource the rest.

Aleah Richardson (@aleahricha)

Aleah Richardson is an Online Business Manager who offers her services to female entrepreneurs with online coaching businesses. She combines her expertise and passions to help her clients reach their goals and grow their businesses effectively. After years working in the healthcare industry, she felt called to be her own boss and pursue more freedom and flexibility in her life.

This desire led her to start her own small business where she specializes in tech, system optimization, and streamlined processes. Aleah understands how important it is to build a business that works for you, not against you, and that’s exactly what she wants to help her clients accomplish. With her strategies, scattered and overwhelmed businesses are turned into scalable legacies.

While Aleah loves turning businesses into well-oiled machines and crafting successful launches, she’s also passionate about helping clients transform their personal lives. “When a business is running as it should, owners feel an incredible sense of peace and clarity. This allows them to focus on enjoying life, pursuing other projects, and enjoying a healthy work/life balance” Aleah explains. The freedom and flexibility in her own life is something she wants to help other women achieve as well.

Breanna Bortner (@breannasbusinessboutique)

Breanna Bortner is an Online Business Manager and founder of Breanna’s Business Boutique, where she offers her valuable services to multi-tasking female entrepreneurs. She provides her clients with back-end support to improve their workflow automation, project execution and client experience. This allows entrepreneurs the time to focus on their true zone of genius so they can scale their business without detail overwhelm, late nights, and overcaffeinated days.

Breanna has a background in Human Resources, Sales & Marketing, and Project Management, but she also has a creative spirit. She’s passionate about combining her business mindset and her creativity to help her clients bring their ideas to life and execute the launches they’ve been dreaming of. Through Breanna’s Business Boutique, she offers online launch management services including course launch and program launch management so her clients can have the guidance they need in this exciting yet slightly daunting journey. After helping her client, Holly Southerland, with several 10-day challenges in her Facebook group, Holly said:“Breanna was a lifesaver! I dreamed of having someone to hand my logins to and say, “handle it!”

But Breanna doesn’t only offer outstanding OBM services, she also looks after her clients as she understands how large business initiatives such as systems implementations and launches can be a considerable task to take on alone. For this reason, she customizes her services to fit her clients’ needs and researches systems and tools that will benefit their work style and thought processes. She doesn’t believe in the cookie-cutter approach, so with research and time spent understanding her clients, she is able to recommend different systems and approaches that will suit her clients and their business best.

Make sure to follow each of these amazing OBM’s. Each of their Instagram’s have been directly linked here. Finally, we would like to thank Boost Media Agency for taking the time to put this article together. This article is Boost Media Agency’s selection of the 10 people to watch. Disclaimer: The information written in this piece was sought from the individuals, and to the best of Boost Media Agency’s knowledge, the representation of these entrepreneurs is accurate.

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