September 22, 2023

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Top 10 Profitable Business Ideas for Students

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Business Ideas for Students

Students have to depend upon their parents or elders to fulfill their financial needs. But now they won’t have to. They can start their own small business with very less or zero investment. Today in this article we will discuss about some Profitable Business Ideas for Students.

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There is not any legal, financial or knowledge reasons that prevent high school or university student from starting their own business. The internet has now given so much access to the information & financing, which has removed the biggest barriers that were in formation of new businesses.

Another question that arises is should student start a business while he/she is studying?” As School & University demands many hours, but if you stay organized and make best use of hours, you will definitely find vast time to both study & run your start-up.

In fact, it could help you with your studies, by allowing you to find logics & uses of what you are taught in school or university. Moreover, it can also help you to set the career path and open doors to so many life/business opportunities.   

10 Unique Business Ideas for Students

  • Motivational Apps

  • Tutor

  • Sell Used Books

  • Photography Services

  • Food Delivery Services

  • Blogging

  • Organize Trips

  • Event Organizer

  • Baking Business

  • Youtuber

Motivational Apps 

The Motivational Apps literally have a broad scope. They could be anything from academics to mental health. If you consider academics then the app should have something to do that does not add more pressure to university system. The app should show seminars, events or lectures and let user log the attendance that award points in the end. Such apps encourage in improving the productivity among students in positive & fun way. Similar apps could be designed for gym, fitness or other activities. There is another great way and it is to create motivations & support apps for mental health.  

Profitable Business Ideas
Profitable Business Ideas


Where there are students, there are tutors as well. If you are too good in one subject, you can probable teach that subject to someone else who struggles to understand it. A common trouble-maker subject is Mathematics, but note: that there are tutors for mathematics as well. Schools & Professors tend to be very helpful with the students, who are starting their own tutor business. There are some school, which have database of tutor students, make sure to check in your school as well. The monetization of model would be per hour.

Sell Used Books

If you have finished your academic year and you have a pile of used books. Many times these books end up in your house’s trash bins. But there is something better that you can do with them. You can sell those books to younger students at a cheap rate than what a new copy is. The best thing about this is that it does not require any investment or time. 

Photography Services

If you love to take photographs and you find it very interesting then you can take your hobby into a photography freelancing business. Both students & local business may definitely need your services because many times they want to update their social media profile pictures or they re looking to promote their recent launched product. In the beginning, you can start with offering all kinds of services, but as you start to grow the business, you will realize that there is lot of competition and you need to focus on one specific photography service in order to be a different photographer than other.

Food Delivery Services

You can create a platform where you can deliver quick eatables like: smoothies & sandwiches to local businesses. You can start by targeting firms with younger employees, who often go out to have a meal/snacks during lunch & tea breaks. You can start will simple items that don’t break their wallet, the business would be exponential with options to schedule the deliveries made earlier to arrive during lunch time, this could definitely be a problem solver for firms. You can also take a step further and made these homemade too. 

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Is there anything that you literally enjoy talking about? Are your friends tired of listening to you whenever you talk about it? Then it’s the time, when you should start a blog about that topic, build an audience & monetize it through premium content, ads or in a creative way. The start-up cost of building a blog is low nowadays and information to grow such site is free of cost on all over the internet.

Organize Trips 

It is a well-known fact that most of the groups have plans for a trip that never happens. The WhatsApp groups have seen thousands of failed plans. Hence it’s time, when someone have to take the responsibility and get things done. So why don’t you be that someone and be the HERO of your group. Organize trips to different destinations, it could be for events, festivals or weekend trips. Group bookings always gets the good deal on coaches & many entry tickets. You can charge a commission or whole amount for inclusive deals. Sounds pretty good right?

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Profitable Business Ideas
Profitable Business Ideas

Baking Business

Selling cookies, cakes, breads or any other baked goods can be a profitable business idea. You can distribute some leaflet around your campus or post an online ad about it. And, if you make a single client happy, then you will definitely have 3-4 new ones. There are two different ways to monetize. First one is to prepare the goods on customer’s request. Second is to make 100 cookies, rent a bike or scooty and wander around campus or neighborhood looking for hungry people.  


Aiming to become a youtuber looks like an easy & lucrative career. You can make video on anything in which you have interest and, in this way, you enjoy and at the same time make money out of it. You can make money off them through the ads & sponsorships. You can start by creating content & keep iterating from there, with your audience help. Though, it won’t be an overnight success, you just have to keep going for some time and later on you will definitely see amazing results. | Newsphere by AF themes.