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Global Organoids and Spheroids Market (2021 to 2028) – Share, Size, Trends & Industry Analysis Report

Dublin, Feb. 24, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The “Organoids and Spheroids Market Share, Size, Trends, Industry Analysis Report, By Type; By Application; By End-Use; By Regions; Segment Forecast, 2021-2028” report has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com’s offering. The global organoids and spheroids market is expected to reach USD 2.47 billion by 2028, according to the study. This report gives a detailed insight into current market dynamics and provides analysis on future market growth.The global organoids and spheroids industry is anticipated to grow, owing to the growing incidence of cancer, innovations in the tissue culture system, and continually failing organ transplantation surgeries. The compatibility between the donor and recipient should be cross-checked through artificial cell culture systems to save time and money.The global market industry is fragmented based on type, application, end-use, and region. In terms of type, the market is segmented into organoids and spheroids. The application segment is further divided into developmental biology, personalized medicine, regenerative medicine, disease pathology studies, and drug toxicity & efficacy testing. In terms of end-use, the market is segmented into biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, academic & research institutes, and hospitals and diagnostic centers.Segment Highlights The spheroids market segment accounted for a major revenue share owing to its applicability in cancer research. The segment held over 50.0% of the global share in 2020. However, the organoid segment is expected to witness highest CAGR during the forecast period.Based on application, the development biology segment is projected to constitute almost half of the market in 2028. This is can be attributed for increased use of cell culture systems in the developmental biology.North America region is dominating the global organoids and spheroids industry, holding over one-third of the market share throughout the forecast period. The presence of key companies and increasing funding towards research are the factors responsible for its growth Key Topics Covered: 1. Introduction1.1. Report Description1.1.1. Objectives of the Study1.1.2. Market Scope1.1.3. Assumptions1.2. Stakeholders2. Executive Summary2.1. Market Highlights3. Research Methodology3.1. Overview3.1.1. Data Mining3.2. Data Sources3.2.1. Primary Sources3.2.2. Secondary Sources4. Organoids and Spheroids Market Insights4.1. Organoids and Spheroids – Industry snapshot4.2. Organoids and Spheroids Market Dynamics4.2.1. Drivers and Opportunities4.2.1.1. Innovations in the cell culture4.2.1.2. Promising investments4.2.2. Restraints and Challenges4.2.2.1. Stringent Regulatory Procedures4.3. Porter’s Five Forces Analysis4.3.1. Bargaining Power of Suppliers (Moderate)4.3.2. Threats of New Entrants: (Low)4.3.3. Bargaining Power of Buyers (Moderate)4.3.4. Threat of Substitute (Moderate)4.3.5. Rivalry among existing firms (High)4.4. PESTLE Analysis4.5. Organoids and Spheroids Market Industry trends5. Organoids and Spheroids Market Assessment by Type5.1. Key Findings5.2. Introduction5.2.1. Global Organoids and Spheroids Market, By Type, 2016-2028 (USD Million)5.3. Organoids5.3.1. Global Organoids and Spheroids Market, by Organoids, by Region, 2016-2028 (USD Million)5.3.2. By Type5.3.2.1. Neural5. Global Neural Organoids, by Region, 2016-2028 (USD Million) Hepatic5. Global Hepatic Organoids, by Region, 2016-2028 (USD Million) Intestinal5. Global Intestinal Organoids, by Region, 2016-2028 (USD Million) Others5. Global Other Organoids, by Region, 2016-2028 (USD Million)5.3.3. By Method5.3.3.1. General Submerged Method for Organoid Culture5. Global General Submerged Method for Organoid Culture, by Region, 2016-2028 (USD Million) Crypt Organoid Culture Techniques5. Global Crypt Organoid Culture Techniques, by Region, 2016-2028 (USD Million) Air Liquid Interface (ALI) Method for Organoid Culture5. Air Liquid Interface (ALI) Method for Organoid Culture, by Region, 2016-2028 (USD Million) Clonal Organoids from Lgr5+ Cells5. Global Clonal Organoids from Lgr5+ Cells, by Region, 2016-2028 (USD Million)5.3.4. By Source5.3.4.1. Primary Tissues5. Global Primary Tissues, by Region, 2016-2028 (USD Million) Stem Cells5. Global Stem Cells, by Region, 2016-2028 (USD Million)5.4. Spheroids5.4.1. Global Organoids and Spheroids Market, by Spheroids, by Region, 2016-2028 (USD Million)5.4.2. By Type5.4.2.1. Multicellular tumor spheroids (MCTS) Global Multicellular tumor spheroids (MCTS), by Region, 2016-2028 (USD Million) Neurospheres5. Global Neurospheres, by Region, 2016-2028 (USD Million) Mammospheres5. Global Mammospheres, by Region, 2016-2028 (USD Million) Hepatospheres5. Global Hepatospheres, by Region, 2016-2028 (USD Million) Embryoid Bodies5. Global Embryoid Bodies, by Region, 2016-2028 (USD Million)5.4.3. By Method5.4.3.1. Micropatterned Plates5. Global Micropatterned Plates, by Region, 2016-2028 (USD Million) Low Cell Attachment Plates5. Global Low Cell Attachment Plates, by Region, 2016-2028 (USD Million) Hanging Drop Method5. Global Hanging Drop Method, by Region, 2016-2028 (USD Million) Others5. Global Other Methods, by Region, 2016-2028 (USD Million)5.4.4. By Source5.4.4.1. Cell Line5. Global Cell Line, by Region, 2016-2028 (USD Million) Primary Cell5. Global Primary Cell, by Region, 2016-2028 (USD Million) iPSCs Derived Cells5. Global iPSCs Derived Cells, by Region, 2016-2028 (USD Million)6. Global Organoids and Spheroids Market, by Application6.1. Key Findings6.2. Introduction6.2.1. Global Organoids and Spheroids Market, By Application, 2016-2028 (USD Million)6.3. Developmental Biology6.3.1. Global Organoids and Spheroids Market, by Developmental Biology, By Region, 2016-2028 (USD Million)6.4. Personalized Medicine6.4.1. Global Organoids and Spheroids Market, by Personalized Medicine, by Region, 2016-2028 (USD Million)6.5. Regenerative Medicine6.5.1. Global Organoids and Spheroids Market, by Regenerative Medicine, by Region, 2016-2028 (USD Million)6.6. Disease Pathology Studies6.6.1. Global Organoids and Spheroids Market, by Disease Pathology Studies, by Region, 2016-2028 (USD Million)6.7. Drug Toxicity & Efficacy Testing6.7.1. Global Organoids and Spheroids Market, by Drug Toxicity & Efficacy Testing, by Region, 2016-2028 (USD Million)7. Global Organoids and Spheroids Market, by End-Use7.1. Key Findings7.2. Introduction7.2.1. Global Organoids and Spheroids Market, By End-Use, 2016-2028 (USD Million)7.3. Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Industries7.3.1. Global Organoids and Spheroids Market, by Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Industries, By Region, 2016-2028 (USD Million)7.4. Academic & Research Institutes7.4.1. Global Organoids and Spheroids Market, by Academic & Research Institutes, by Region, 2016-2028 (USD Million)7.5. Hospitals & Diagnostic Centers7.5.1. Global Organoids and Spheroids Market, by Hospitals & Diagnostic Centers, by Region, 2016-2028 (USD Million)8. Organoids and Spheroids Market Assessment by Geography8.1. Key findings8.2. Introduction8.3. Organoids and Spheroids Market – North America8.4. Organoids and Spheroids Market – Europe8.5. Organoids and Spheroids Market – Asia-Pacific8.6. Organoids and Spheroids Market – Middle East & Africa8.7. Organoids and Spheroids Market – Latin America9. Competitive Landscape9.1. Expansion and Acquisition Analysis9.1.1. Expansion9.1.2. Acquisition9.2. Partnerships/Collaborations/Agreements/Exhibitions10. Company Profiles10.1. 3D BioMatrix10.1.1. Company Overview10.1.2. Financial Performance10.1.3. Product Benchmarking10.1.4. Recent Developments10.2. 3D Biotek LLC10.2.1. Company Overview10.2.2. Financial Performance10.2.3. Product Benchmarking10.2.4. Recent Developments10.3. AMS Biotechnology (Europe) Limited10.3.1. Company Overview10.3.2. Financial Performance10.3.3. Product Benchmarking10.3.4. Recent Developments10.4. Cellesce Ltd.10.4.1. Company Overview10.4.2. Financial Performance10.4.3. Product Benchmarking10.4.4. Recent Developments10.5. Corning Incorporated10.5.1. Company Overview10.5.2. Financial Performance10.5.3. Product Benchmarking10.5.4. Recent Developments10.6. Greiner Bio-One10.6.1. Company Overview10.6.2. Financial Performance10.6.3. Product Benchmarking10.6.4. Recent Developments10.7. Hubrecht Organoid Technology (HUB)10.7.1. Company Overview10.7.2. Financial Performance10.7.3. Product Benchmarking10.7.4. Recent Developments10.8. InSphero/Perkin Elmer10.8.1. Company Overview10.8.2. Financial Performance10.8.3. Product Benchmarking10.8.4. Recent Developments10.9. Prellis Biologics10.9.1. Company Overview10.9.2. Financial Performance10.9.3. Types/Product Benchmarking10.9.4. Recent DevelopmentsFor more information about this report visit https://www.researchandmarkets.com/r/ieate CONTACT: CONTACT: ResearchAndMarkets.com Laura Wood, Senior Press Manager [email protected] For E.S.T Office Hours Call 1-917-300-0470 For U.S./CAN Toll Free Call 1-800-526-8630 For GMT Office Hours Call +353-1-416-8900

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