Why SharePoint Intranet is the best for your business

With the rise of digital technology, speed is becoming increasingly important. It’s not just about getting information, but also having it in the right place at the right time.

Whether your business is small or large, the internet is integral to your operation, and you need an intranet to share information internally.

Your intranet should be built in such a way that it’s a great communication tool that helps you and your employees understand what’s going on.

What is an intranet and what is the SharePoint intranet?

SharePoint is a software platform that’s been around for nearly two decades.

Today, the app is much different than it was in 2017. How to write a headline to hook your reader into your content hooking your readers into your content is one of the most effective ways to gain a higher share of voice and increase your social shares.

You’d better build your SharePoint-based intranet in 2019 logically than in the early 2000s. Considering the evolution of the platform, the releases of new versions, and the arrival of the collaboration suite from Microsoft, to describe a SharePoint-based intranet logically could be quite confusing.

Why SharePoint Intranet is the Best for your organization?

Here are some of the important points that make SharePoint intranet the best choice for your business. 

  1. The most popular choice for intranets is SharePoint. It’s the most popular choice for intranets. They are very concerned about the quality of work performed and the ability of the employee to provide excellent customer service. In this article, we will explore how to create a survey which is reflective of the culture and values of the organization. Business organizations are using the Microsoft platform to deliver good intranets. Confidence from users is a good thing.
  2. Integrating a list of Team spaces and OneDrive documents is easy and it has amazing possibilities. You can also use it to enhance processes, and for reports. Your organization needs to create an amazing digital workplace experience that involves your people and other users.
  3. One of the most powerful SharePoint features is its ability to be scalable, customizable, and flexible. It’s a platform that makes it possible for businesses to collaborate, communicate internally, find and share content and much more, regardless of their size. It’s used by companies of all sizes and is capable of supporting an array of features, including content management, internal communication, search and findability, and much more. 

The ability to scale up and down is what makes this platform so great for building an intranet or an entire digital workplace that really is based on how you work. Customization allows it to be perfect for every company, even though they’re all unique. Most functions don’t want to have the hassle of customizing the software, yet it’s a good option for some instances.

  1. SharePoint supports many of the content publishing requirements for intranets and websites. Content Management systems (CMS) are very powerful and provide a lot of functionality, but there’s more to SharePoint. This shows you how to take advantage of the sophisticated content management features that are available in SharePoint, which include news templates, approval workflows, automated content reviews, editorial calendars, and more.
  2. Many different options are available with SharePoint. It’s a great advantage of SharePoint that it gives you a huge selection of options for an intranet. While Intranet has been delivered out of the box, there is a very mature market for intranet-in-a-box SharePoint products, which work side by side with the platform for additional page layouts, site templates, and web parts that are readily built, and more capabilities. 

With all that, you can deliver excellent intranets in weeks. The turnkey intranet products are of great value and are extremely effective. They are entirely leveraging the power of the platform to meet the modern intranet demand of complex organizations.

  1. Documents are distributed by sharing them. Information is delivered through presentations. Knowledge is captured and communicated through discussions. Collaboration happens through the use of email and group meetings. And the output is the project report. Although that may not be ideal all the time, it’s a fact. Relatively robust document library capabilities have long been a valued part of SharePoint, enabling sharing, collaboration, knowledge management and so on.
  2. Your website should include support for content and personalization targeting. In this manner, content could be directed towards various groups or even individuals. This allows you to target different individuals within a company. A great example of how you can create a more personalized user experience is by enabling different users to be subscribed to different topic areas.

Field of the Invention The present invention relates to an apparatus and method for controlling a remote controller. The future of SharePoint will be based on its ability to support content targeting and personalization, leveraging the ease of Active Directory profile integration to deliver truly relevant intranets. Another reason why the platform is an excellent intranet-based technology is that it’s also a great CMS.

  1. SharePoint has traditionally been a robust collaboration platform, mainly through team websites. Microsoft SharePoint Team Sites have been with us for years, and the easy integration with Microsoft Teams is making collaboration even more central to the intranet experience.
  2. Today’s Web 2.0 solutions allow businesses and organizations to have a contemporary experience in their own online presence. They provide features that make it easy for end-users to publish content in many different ways such as blogs, wikis and forums. In addition, these solutions can help organizations create a personalized user interface and perform better by offering better content discovery tools.
  3. Continues Microsoft’s trend of making SharePoint investments. They’ve done a great job of helping us modernize SharePoint intranets with modern experiences, out-of-the-box capabilities and intelligent intranet development. You can be sure that investing in SharePoint means an intranet that could improve and evolve with extra capabilities and features


There are many reasons why you should use SharePoint for your new business Intranet. Many web-based intranets could be a potential investment for your company, however, there are others that could actually make your money and time go to waste. SharePoint Intranet is without doubt the best solution for your business processes. 

If you hire a professional SharePoint development company, then you are sure to get more out of your money spent. By hiring a SharePoint development company you save money and time because if you have the configuration of SharePoint settings according to your working requirements you have ease in work. It saves your time and money at the same time by having an error-free data management platform configured exactly the way it suits your work. As the saying goes “time is money”, Al Rafay Consulting is all about saving your time as well as money. We are available to provide SharePoint consulting regardless of your company size. Feel free to contact us for a piece of advice as we have one of the best teams of professionally skilled developers in all SharePoint versions.